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EDR are lawyers and not debt collectors. At EDR, we do not mess around. If your debt remains outstanding, EDR recommends sending a letter of demand. An EDR letter of demand will advise the debtor of the nature of the debt and the amount that is due to be paid by a due payment date. If the debt is not paid by this due payment date, the letter of demand will advise the debtor what the next steps will be – issue legal proceedings and claim interest and costs without further notice. The letter of demand will also invite the debtor to raise any genuine dispute and encourage the debtor to contact you to resolve the matter amicably without the intervention of lawyers.

EDR will action your request to take Immediate Legal Action as soon as it receives your instructions, receives the supporting documentation and payment has been received. EDR will keep you informed of all developments as and when they arise. If there is a genuine dispute in relation to the debt, EDR will make recommendations on negotiating a settlement depending on the strength of the dispute.


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